My current inquires have led me to find places of agreement, potential and possibility between aspects of Clarice Lispector ́s writing methods, scholar Donna Haraway ́s "Becoming-With" notion, Rossi Braidotti ́s concept of Nomadic Subjectivity, and my own approach to choreography and dance making. I have named this research entity "The Posthuman Body".

Key to this posthuman movement and making practice is the ability to fluidly change perspectives and manifest ourselves through different forms and states. The posthuman, has an emergent system rather than a stable one. It is not a singular, defined body, but rather one who can embody different identities and conceive the world as a complicated matrix of interaction and attempts to understand it from multiple non normative perspectives. The posthuman body recognizes imperfectability, ambiguity and contradiction; - complexity-, and sees the world through heterogeneous lenses while seeking to maintain dedication to objective observations.

I explore these propositions and these correlations on different levels of depth, immersion and concreteness through creative processes that investigate the subjectivity and migration of identity and meaning. This research is approached as a fluidly expressive object made of multiple apparently unrelated parts in intricate temporal and spatial interaction towards an experiential and open creative modality of endless transformation.


Through conversation, thought, and practice based research I explore the figure of Becoming as a process of assembly between beings that differ. That differ from each other and in relation to themselves, and whose nature is not defined or assumed as a static condition, but as a dynamic process without a specific objective that nevertheless contains the potential to manifest itself in different forms involved in temporal proximity.