“Whoever wishes may accompany me:  the road is long it´s painful but it´s lived”

Clarice Lispector

An Object, Screaming is a collaborative, transdisciplinary and experimental evening lenght dance performance that originates in an ongoing reflection on the epistemic and spiritual nature of the creative act. By reflecting on the interplay between form, background and distortion, inviting Francis Bacon´s paintings as implicit reference; this work presents itself as a fragmented and permeable field of information that in essence remains attached to contradiction. The object is the thing that gets constructed and approached diligently--but the object is fluid and alive. The scream is the epiphanic poetic claim. The piece attempts to articulate aesthetic experiences of the ineffable and thus approximate complexity, contemplative presence and pristine affect. The work was created with the support of University of California San Diego Theater and Dance Department and the support of the Consolidated Creator PECDA Mexican Grant 2020. It was presented in February 2020 at the Adele Shank Theater at La Jolla Playhouse, before the world went into lockdown.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Photo credits: Jim Carmody, Manuel Rotenberg